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The Top Reasons to Choose Artificial Turf for Your Irvine Putting Green


Are you looking for a way to create an inviting and luxurious putting green in your Irvine home or business? Artificial turf is the perfect solution. It not only looks great but also requires minimal maintenance, is environmentally friendly, and can withstand heavy use. Whether you already have a small backyard putting green or are thinking about installing one, artificial turf has many advantages over natural grass. With its realistic look and feel, artificial turf can provide years of enjoyment with very little upkeep required. In this blog post, we will explore some of the top reasons why choosing artificial turf for your Irvine putting green is a smart move. We’ll discuss how it saves time and money while providing a better playing experience than natural grass ever could. Read on to learn more!

Low Maintenance

Another one of the top reasons to choose artificial turf for your Irvine putting green is its low maintenance requirements. Artificial turf stays lush and vibrant all year long without requiring any extra effort from you. You won’t need to worry about mowing, fertilizing, or seeding your lawn because it will look perfect day after day! Plus, you won’t have to worry about weeds growing in your putting green. Artificial turf is designed so that no weed seeds can take root and grow; plus, the turf itself resists insects and other pests, meaning you won’t have to deal with any unwanted visitors in your yard. All you need to do is occasionally hose down the turf to keep it looking fresh and inviting. With artificial turf, your Irvine putting green will stay beautiful with minimal effort on your part!


Artificial turf is much more durable than natural grass. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and rough weather without any damage or deterioration. This makes it ideal for putting greens that will be used frequently and in areas with extreme temperatures. In addition, the material does not require regular mowing, fertilizers, or chemicals, making upkeep easier and less expensive than natural grass. Artificial turf is a more resilient choice for your Irvine putting green that will last for years to come.

The durability of artificial turf also makes it a more environmentally friendly option. Natural grass requires large amounts of water, fertilizer, and energy to stay healthy, while artificial turf does not. Artificial turf reduces runoff significantly while keeping the same aesthetic look as natural grass. This helps conserve natural resources and can reduce your carbon footprint.


When most homeowners think of artificial turf, they often picture a bright green and perfectly manicured surface. However, when it comes to putting greens, there are options available that look incredibly realistic. This is especially true for the products on the market today. Companies have invested significantly in developing life-like synthetic grasses that emulate the look and feel of a real golf course.

When it comes to performance, artificial turf for a putting green is unmatched. Since there is no need for mowing or fertilizing, you don’t have to worry about divots, bald patches or clumps caused by pests. And because of its composition and construction, artificial turf drains quickly and evenly. This means that your putting green will be playable no matter how much rain has fallen.

Environmental Benefits

Artificial turf offers a number of environmental benefits compared to natural grass. One of the biggest advantages to opting for an artificial putting green in Irvine is its environmental friendliness. Here are the reasons why:

Water Conservation

One of the major benefits of artificial turf is that it does not require water to stay healthy and green. This makes it the perfect choice for areas with limited access to irrigation water, or places where rainfall is scarce. Additionally, since you won’t be using any chemicals on your putting green, you can help reduce carbon emissions associated with mowing, fertilizing, and herbicide use.

Reduction of Pollutants

Because you won’t be using any harsh chemicals on your artificial turf putting green, you can help reduce the number of pollutants that are often introduced in runoff when fertilizers or insecticides are used. This will help keep waterways and other natural habitats cleaner and ensure the health of any animals or plants in the region.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Since artificial turf does not require mowing or fertilizing, it can help reduce your carbon footprint. This is especially beneficial in areas with limited access to water, as you won’t be using any gas-powered equipment to maintain the green. In addition, artificial turf is generally made from recycled plastic materials, so using it helps reduce waste and conserve resources.

Safe for Children and Pets

Artificial turf is a safe and healthy option for children and pets. Unlike natural grass, there are no sharp edges or hidden insects that could injure them. Additionally, artificial turf is made of materials that are non-toxic and free of potential allergens, so you can rest assured your family will be safe while enjoying your putting green.


Installing artificial grass and putting green in your Irvine home is a great choice for both environmental and personal reasons. Not only will it provide you with many years of use, but it also requires less maintenance than natural grass, reduces water consumption and pollution, and is safe for children and pets. With so many benefits, what are you waiting for? Invest in an artificial turf putting green and you’ll be the envy of your neighbors in no time.

At Ruff N Tuff Turf, we’re proud to be your source for quality synthetic turf products and services. We have a wide selection of artificial grass and putting greens available, so you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your Irvine home. Contact us today at (949) 989-6878 for more information or to get started on your project!

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